How to Establish MASSIVE Authority Using Your Homepage Copy

Your homepage copy is the first page of your website that most of your visitors will see. Make sure that the copy is personalized and relatable to your audience. Make sure that it showcases your authority elements such as the company’s mission and values. Here are some examples of how you can personalize your homepage copy to make it more relatable to your audience. Make sure that your homepage copy answers the question “Can I trust this company?”

Home page is the first page most of your visitors will see

Your homepage copy has a few jobs. First and foremost, it has to be compelling. Your copy should entice your visitors to read more and take action. This may sound like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be! Listed below are some of the most important things to keep in mind when writing your homepage copy. Keep reading to discover the best strategies for homepage copy. Your home page is the first page a web surfer will see and should answer a few questions about your business and your products.

A shorter homepage should be easier to read. Make sure your copy is clear and to the point. Use bold fonts to draw attention. Avoid white space and use a background image. A minimalistic approach will also have similar effects. Use one or two paragraphs for the main headline and the rest for supporting copy. This approach will allow your content to grab your visitor’s attention without being overwhelming. Don’t forget to add a few relevant images to draw their attention.

Use an employee with experience in your industry. If possible, use the name of a renowned company. Lance Jones, co-founder of Copy Hackers, has said: “Successful businesspeople are those who can create authority by promoting themselves.” For example, a business with over 175 years in existence might want to emphasize its long history. However, John Deere doesn’t display this information on its homepage copy.

When creating a homepage copy, remember that the call to action is the most important element on your page. The more options you present, the less likely your visitor will convert. For instance, Hick’s Law states that more choices make it harder for a person to make a decision. For that reason, it’s best to have fewer inessential elements on your homepage. As a result, your site will convert more visitors and make you more money!

The layout of your homepage is also vital. It should capture the attention of your visitors and inspire them to take action. You don’t need fancy flash screens or glitzy graphics to achieve this. And your page should be responsive – meaning that it responds to different screen sizes. If it isn’t responsive, your visitors won’t be able to convert. Your copy should be well-written, so your visitors will be compelled to take action.

When writing your homepage copy, it’s best to use a customer testimonial or two as testimonials. The testimonial should relate to the section of the copy you’re writing about. For example, switching video uses testimonials to reinforce their process. Its 5-step process uses testimonials to reinforce the copy on its page. In addition to highlighting the testimonials, your homepage copy should contain a call to action that leads the visitor to the next step.

Personalize your homepage copy

In the first paragraph of your homepage copy, explain why the visitor should choose your company. This is a critical element of establishing trust. Visitors don’t have time to read long, technical copy, so make every word count. Instead, use simple, straightforward language that answers the question “why” and showcases your authority elements. A great example of this is the Mindvalley website. The copy clearly states the company’s mission, which is to change the world’s education system.

Make it relatable

Your homepage copy has a few important jobs. It must be compelling and make visitors want to learn more. Ideally, the content will lead visitors to take action by giving them a reason to visit your website. Here’s how to write an effective copy:

A homepage with an authority of 38 will pass a huge amount of authority onto your interior pages. If your homepage contains navigation with links to 200 pages, you can multiply the amount of authority passed from the homepage by 200. If you cut the number of navigation links in half, you’ll have twice as much authority passed from your homepage to your interior pages. This will increase your chances of ranking these pages as well.