Best Plagiarism Checkers in 2022

When it comes to plagiarism checkers, there are several different options available. While these may not be for everyone, they can still be valuable tools in many situations. Here are four of the most popular options for 2022. Whether you need to check a paper for grammar or a college essay, these services can help. Here are the pros and cons of each. All of these tools have their own advantages, and we have rated them below.


If you’re a student or a professional, the Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers are the right tools for you. The software works with a wide variety of documents including PDF, DOCX, and other document formats. It checks for plagiarism and provides detailed reports with similarity percentages, sources, and small matches. If you want to get a report on plagiarism that is completely free, you can try Scribbr, which offers a money-back guarantee and live customer support.

The Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers have a huge database of scholarly sources. You can check the originality of your paper by running it against millions of webpages and billions of web pages. The plagiarism reports are detailed and can even remove copied texts. You can even check if a text is not original by using Paper Rater, a plagiarism detection tool. Its free online version is very easy to use, and it will analyze the text for you in a matter of seconds.

The Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers can check your writing for plagiarized content and provide you with a detailed report and plagiarism guide. The Knowledge Base also offers information on citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. This service is perfect for students and professionals alike, as it has access to the largest scholarly databases, which means accuracy. Its Knowledge Base is full of helpful articles about how to avoid plagiarism and how to cite sources properly.


If you’re looking for a good plagiarism checker, look no further than Quetext. Its advanced technology allows it to detect plagiarism from multiple file types, including PDF, MS Word, and plain-text files. You can upload multiple files for plagiarism checks, and you can specify whether or not you want the software to scan URLs as well. Although Quetext offers an impressive array of features, the free version is limited to 2,500 words per check. Moreover, Quetext is available only through a web browser. It does not have desktop apps, MS Office integration, or other complicated pricing plans.

Another useful feature is its ability to detect plagiarism on up to five pages. Quetext’s plagiarism checker can scan up to 2,500 words, and it can analyze a maximum of 5 pages of documents. Quetext includes a ColorGrade feedback tool and contextual analysis. The tool is free for personal use, but the paid version offers advanced tools like interactive snippet text and custom URL exclusion. It does not store your data in a database, which makes it less reliable.


The Grammarly desktop app is free and works seamlessly with most word editing programs. You can also download the mobile app to your device to check your writing anytime, anywhere. Its keyboard is secure, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive fields like passwords. However, you should remember that it can’t replace a human editor. If you’re looking for a plagiarism checker, Grammarly should be at the top of your list.

There are other options available, including free trials and a citation assistant. However, Grammarly’s free version only allows you to check 2,500 words per month. However, you can subscribe for a $9.95 monthly fee to get more features and access to more advanced features. This service also does not store your texts, which is a big downside for some people. Its help center is full of FAQs and offers phone and email support. Grammarly has detected some instances of plagiarism, but struggled with heavily edited texts.

In addition to free checks, Grammarly offers a premium version that provides a plagiarism report that searches over 16 billion web pages. The premium version provides peace of mind for students writing for academic purposes. Grammarly also features genre-specific suggestions, word choice suggestions, and a plagiarism report. The free version is available on the web and in mobile formats. Grammarly has a variety of options to suit all types of writing.


The free version of Unicheck offers basic plagiarism detection and a simple report with a percentage and source links. You can check the similarities between your work and 91 billion web sources. There are multiple options for checking your work, including the library and internet. Different types of people may use different features, including teachers, authors, and students. You can use the free version to scan up to 200 words, but a pro version can be used to check more.

The free version allows users to check up to 200 words for free, and paying for additional pages increases your monthly subscription. You can save your documents with Unicheck and review them later. The results are displayed in a simple interface with lists of sources and color-coded copies. You can easily access the reports to find out which parts of your document are plagiarized and how much you can improve your work. Whether you’re looking for a plagiarism checker for your academic or professional work, you can trust Unicheck to protect your work.


Plagscan Plagiarism Checker is an online plagiarism detection tool which can detect the originality of individual texts. It provides users with different reports such as a brief indication of potential plagiarism or a table of matching sources. PlagScan uses different colours to indicate the different matches – Red refers to an exact match, Blue to potentially modified content, and Green to citations. It can be used by students, teachers, or businesses.

PlagScan has a free version but requires payment after checking 2,000 words. It also lags a bit due to the size of the document and the amount of traffic on the server. Despite the many features, the free version of PlagScan has some cons. While it can detect plagiarism, it lags when detecting sentences that are cited by multiple sources. It has some limitations, so you might want to think about other options first.

iThenticate is another powerful plagiarism detection tool. It works through in-depth analysis and has multiple tools to prevent plagiarism. It integrates all these tools into its originality report. Its user interface is easy to use and does not require extensive training. It also works with Google Drive and can integrate with your cloud storage. In addition to its plagiarism detection features, PlagScan is capable of providing you with comprehensive reports that make it a great choice for your online writing.


This plagiarism checker is great for business writing and team work. It features a Contextual Thesaurus, which provides a wealth of synonyms and replacement words to your writing. When writing, remember that fewer words can make the biggest impact. Excessive use of intensifiers, for example, makes your writing weaker than it really is. If you use overused words in your writing, it may appear that you are indecisive. The Overused Words Report marks these errors and provides suggestions for rewriting or replacing them.

While using a plagiarism checker can improve your writing, it can also lead to unintentional copying. Plagiarism is a very bad habit, and it can start as simple as stealing another person’s idea when you forget to write an assignment. But once you are caught, the consequences of a plagiarism checker will be disastrous for your career. The plagiarism checker will help you break that habit and make you a better writer, with your own unique voice and thoughts. Just remember to respect the work of others, and cite your sources correctly.


One of the biggest issues with plagiarism checkers is how to differentiate edited sources from authentic works. While Compilatio was able to identify plagiarized material in the study, it often struggled to differentiate between edited and original work. Even when the algorithm found the plagiarized content, the report did not highlight the specific area that is similar to the source. This limits its usefulness and makes it difficult to review the plagiarism.

A comprehensive report on plagiarism can help students and teachers recognize when they are plagiarizing. It’s important to remember that citations are not only required in the bibliography, but throughout the entire document. If you don’t cite the source properly, you are plagiarizing. Fortunately, there are several different ways to avoid plagiarism. One option is to purchase a package of credits that can be used for multiple documents. These credits are valid for 12 months. Another advantage to using Compilatio is that it does not sell or use the documents that are submitted to it as comparison material.


The Viper Plagiarism Checker is a free tool designed to detect and reduce plagiarism in documents. It is an excellent tool for students, teachers, businesses, and other professionals. It scans over 10 billion sources and can detect plagiarism in a matter of seconds. However, it struggles when it comes to scholarly sources and texts that are edited. Its free trial only lets you scan 1,000 words.

Although free plagiarism detection tools don’t have the full range of features of more expensive services, they can offer a variety of benefits. The Viper Plagiarism Checker will find unauthorized usage of content in written work and will give links to the original source. Viper Plagiarism Checker is also available for mobile devices. The tool scans up to 2500 words per month, and will display links to the plagiarized work. It can be used for educational purposes, too, as it displays the sources of the plagiarized work.

When using the Viper Plagiarism Checker, users will have to specify the type of document they’re working on. Viper will search for documents online that have similarities to the document they’re working on. When it’s finished, Viper will provide ratings based on similarity. Users can even archive their results and refer to them in the future. In 2022, Viper will be one of the most advanced plagiarism detection tools on the market.