A Simple Guide to Making Scroll-Stopping Facebook Videos That Bring Sales

If you want to create Scroll-Stopping Facebook videos that increase sales, here are some tips and tricks you can use. Firstly, you should always keep in mind that Facebook videos will automatically play when a user visits your page, so you must capture their attention and get your point across in the first three seconds. A study shows that 74% of video campaign impact is achieved in the first 10 seconds, so keep your creative short and your story good enough to attract the audience’s attention.

Engagement metrics

A Facebook video is an excellent way to draw people in and increase your sales. It can be a powerful tool for getting more qualified traffic to your website, as well as generating more leads and customers. Facebook video ads can be measured by the actions viewers take after watching them. For example, if a video leads viewers to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product, it has been effective.

Using bright colors for your Facebook video is crucial. Blue blends in with the blue background of Facebook, while red and yellow are more prominent. Using these colors is also essential to achieving your goal of making your video stand out in a crowded Facebook feed. A video can also be muted, so that viewers can still get the message. Videos should be short and catchy. They should be bold and eye-catching to be more effective.

Carousel ads

The primary ad content should do more than just feature a single product. For instance, the Lee Valley Tools ad might teach viewers how to choose the right seeds. It also links to a video and carousel ad. These video ads have the advantage of loading 15 times faster than the mobile website outside of Facebook. The Kilne ad links to an Instant Experience that features both a video and carousel. The ad can also link to a website that offers additional content.

When putting together your Facebook video ad, keep in mind that the maximum length for a video ad is two minutes. In other words, the shorter the video, the better. Facebook says that videos between 90 seconds and 2 minutes can hold the attention of viewers. For the ad to be effective, it should be short and to the point. Unlike long-form content, Facebook video ads don’t have time to introduce themselves to their audience.

Compliment rate

A simple guide to making scroll-stopping Facebook videos is the key to success in social media marketing. People are more likely to watch video on their phone than on their PC. Videos are more likely to capture the attention of your audience, and 6 seconds have the highest brand metrics. They also take up the most space on a smartphone, so they don’t get lost in the Facebook feed. And since the average Facebook user only watches two videos per day, you can’t afford to waste time creating them.

When creating your video, you must be sure to include a call-to-action that compels the viewer to take action. Whether that’s subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, or purchasing an e-book, the call-to-action should be clear and simple to do. It can be in the form of a button, text, voiceover, or arrows.

Click-through rate

If you want your video to get noticed on Facebook, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, keep it short. Facebook allows 240 minutes of video. In general, videos with less than 15 seconds get higher watch times. However, keep in mind that the length can affect your ad’s performance. Keeping your videos under 15 seconds will help ensure a higher conversion rate.

Video is an excellent way to promote a product. For example, Huel runs a Facebook video ad that shows how to cook some of its products. Their USP is quick and healthy food, and they use videos to help people cook. The ad also includes a call-to-action (‘Shop now’) and reviews, which many users find helpful. Nine in 10 online shoppers will read product reviews before buying.

View length

You can make an animated video with the help of Canva. You can find a number of different templates available, including a star and animated text. You can then upload your video as an MP4 to Facebook. The important thing is that the text complements your video and compel the viewer to take action. Don’t add too much text, or you could end up with an image that is less effective.

A short video can be as short as 12 seconds, or as long as a minute long product demonstration. Choose the duration of your video based on how long you want to keep a viewer’s attention. Facebook has been saying that faster messages get more reach, so keep your message as short as possible, and aim for under 2 minutes. Make sure the video is captivating enough to keep the viewer interested until the end.